Daihatsu Materia

When a manufacturer actually uses the word ‘funky’ in describing a new vehicle, you know it’s going to look a little strange. That’s certainly the case with Daihatsu’s new Materia, a rather bizarre yet very appealing mini-MPV. It has been on sale in the UK for a few months priced at £10,995, yet it is still a comparatively rare sight and attracts a lot of attention.

Daihatsu Materia – don't be too quick to judge

The vehicle offers outstanding interior space and really head-turning styling but it is one of those love-it-or-hate-it designs. However don’t be quick to rush to judgment. When it was delivered on my driveway, I didn’t like it, yet within a day or two I absolutely loved it and it evoked a positive reaction from everybody that encountered it during a busy week out and about.

The Materia will compete with a garden shed in terms of its squareness, but then that’s part of its appeal and in America and in Japan it’s developed a cult following and the company has been struggling to keep up with demand in those markets. Continue reading