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Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz Ex Navi

Honda Jazz EX Navi – new car review by NickFletcher

The Honda Jazz hatchback has been around since 2001 and has built up a devoted following because of its easy drivability, practical layout and ultra-reliable reputation.

However, that fond appreciation was largely among older buyers, which rather limited its UK sales potential. But not any more. The third-generation Jazz has sharper, more youthful styling and more connectivity features which should help expand sales lower down the age-scale.

The current Jazz has smoother styling though it still retains a sort of micro-MPV look which is underlined by a spacious and versatile cabin which outscores main rivals such as the Ford Fiesta and VW Polo. A big plus-point is it Magic Seat system which offers extensive occupant and load configurations and delivers the largest interior space in the sector.

Jazz prices start at £13,995 for a decently-kitted S model but to get goodies such as alloy wheels, touchscreen infortainment system, parking sensors and sat-nav you have to move up range and my top-spec test car, an EX Navi, costs £17,065.

Like all Jazz models, it uses a 1.3 litre 101 hp petrol engine with standard manual gearbox (a CVT auto version is available) with a 0-60 mph time of 11.5 seconds and top speed of 118 mph. Fuel economy is 55.4 mpg combined. There are cars from rival makers which are a bit cheaper, quicker or offer better economy, but not by much, and the Jazz counters with more space, an outstanding reliabity record and strong resale values.

The non-turbo Jazz isn’t quick off the mark but it does drive in a civilised and user-friendly manner which for most buyers will be much more important. It offers a nice easy drive, good seating, good visibility, and is agile in traffic and when parking. Revised suspension means you get a comfortable ride and assured handling.

Visual image is important even in the hatchback sector and Honda has added sporty styling touches to the Jazz, revising the grille and headlights and sculpting the body to give stronger presence. There are also optional personalisation packages to subtly tweak the styling or add extra features.

The dashboard is thoughtfully laid out for ease of use, and the centre touchscreen is quick and easy to operate. The cabin has a durable appearance with use of quality trim materials.

And one aspect which will impress buyers is the interior space which offers plenty of room for four or even five adults, and big boot space – 354 litres boosted to a remarkable 1,314 litres with instant drop-down rears seats which lie completely flat.

It’s hard to find any negatives about the Jazz. Some say offering only one engine is a downside but most Jazz sales are to private buyers who don’t do enough mileage to justify a diesel.

Overall, the latest Jazz really impresses and while offering more youthful appeal, still retains all the core features loyal Honda buyers enjoy.

FOR: Honda dependability, spacious and versatile interior.

AGAINST: Only one engine available.

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