Car Hire driving licence changes – code runs out after 72 hours

WE WERE staggered to learn that driving licence changes have a challenging timescale built into them.

Jaguar-F-Type-2014The paper element of the licence is being scrapped, which isn’t too alarming, but if you are hiring a car at home or abroad there is one element of the new system that could prove frustrating.

We’re grateful to the site for drawing our attention to the quirky and irritating element of the driving licence changes.

Reading this story could save your holiday.

This is from the MSE site:

New driving licence rules mean you may need a code to hire a car from 8 June

From 8 June, new rules mean you need to request a personal code from the DVLA up to 72 hours before picking up a car either in the UK or abroad. This is so hire firms can check for points, as paper licences are being scrapped for photocard holders. You may not be asked, but to be safe ensure you get one in advance.

To get a code, you’ll need to request one from DVLA via or by calling 0300 790 6801.

You will need to provide your driving licence number found on your photocard or on your paper driving licence for paper-only motorists, national insurance number and the postcode on your driving licence.

Give this code to the rental desk when you pick up your car – it effectively gives the company temporary access to your licence info. But, annoyingly, the code only lasts for 72 hours before expiring, so make sure you don’t request it too early.

You’ll also be able to download a PDF of your licence, which will be worth taking as a precaution – though you will still need the code. Not all car hire companies currently request to see the paper part of your licence, so may not ask for the code either, but don’t take the risk – get a code just in case.

Some driving organisations such as the AA are also advising motorists to take the paper counterpart of their photocard licence with them too just in case there are any problems. It’s also warning drivers who want to hire a car abroad to be extra cautious as overseas car hire firms, or even traffic police abroad, may not be aware of the changes and may demand to see your paper licence.

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