New Ford Focus RS

New Ford Focus RS – silence on the price front


Ford Focus RS

New Ford Focus RS

FORD IS going global for the first time with its iconic Ford Focus RS performance models.

Unveiled in Cologne, the new go-fastest Focus currently exists as a single car, the model goes into production at the end of this year.

Sales in the UK – traditionally the biggest market for recent RS models – begin ‘some time in 2016,’ according to Ford.

But the company has big ambitions for this model, the first RS to be sold globally, with the United States an obvious target for a medium-sized hatch with muscle rippling performance potential.

If the newcomer looks subdued on the outside (no huge wing like those that gave previous RS models their ‘look at me’ road presence) it hides the more interesting parts underneath, starting with a complex and expensive all-wheel drive system.

That will help put all the turbocharged power on to the road; an exact horsepower output is not being revealed yet.

Ford says ‘at least 320 horsepower’ from the car’s 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine, with yet to be revealed performance figures.

Informed guesses on price put the likely figure at around £30,000 but Ford’s top brass are keeping silent at the moment.

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