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award-winning motoring
journalist Nick Fletcher.

Nick Fletcher is an author, journalist and specialist motoring writer. He he has more than 25 years experience of test-driving cars throughout Europe. He is a founder-member of the Midland Group Of Motoring Writers.

He is a former winner of the Diversy Award for features journalism. He has also won a literary award from World Wide Writers Magazine.

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One of Britain’s most prolific writers, producing more than 30,000 magazine and newspaper features, Nick Fletcher specialises in showbiz and antiques. He is also noted as a crime-writer, with two novels and a collection of short stories published.

Nick’s work has appeared in virtually every UK national newspaper from the Financial Times to The Sun, and he is a regular contributor to the Daily Express, Daily Mail and Daily Mirror.

His fiction has been published by World Wide Writers Magazine, the Sunday Express and the influential women’s magazine Company.


Nick Fletcher’s novels feature his private-eye creation Max Slater, an ex-journalist obsessed with the movie-image of the slick private detective but painfully aware he lacks the necessary investigative flair. Slater’s talent is perseverance, an inventive mind and, as he puts it, ‘making your own luck.’

He also lectures on writing, conducts workshops, and has been an adjudicator at literary festivals. His three most popular lectures are:

  • How to write a novel in two weeks
  • Freelance writing – the route to success
  • The short story – how to get published

To book Nick Fletcher for a lecture or workshop, just email him at

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Nick Fletcher with Roald Dahl …

I once spent a day with Roald Dahl at his home in Buckinghamshire, discussing his writing, and one thing he said to me really struck home – having the right place to write is very important.

Roald had a beautiful country house with many rooms and lovely views, but he chose to write in a small shed in his garden, because that was where he felt most at ease and most inspired. Some people can write a best-seller on their kitchen table between cooking a meal and caring for their children, and I very much admire them.

But I prefer quiet and solitude. Most of my books have been written – in first draft form – while taking a solo holiday in a country cottage or a Spanish villa, and not answering the telephone. I find the change of location and absence of domestic routine frees the imagination and boosts creative energy. But every writer will have their own ideal situation for writing. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as they are happy with it.

Extract from an interview by Eve Kerswill

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Nick Fletcher on writing

Don’t be discouraged! It is possible that you or your agent won’t find an interested publisher straight away. Rejection doesn’t necessarily mean the work is not good. Persistence is often the key to success.

Always remember that many famous authors had their share of initial rejection slips – including, famously, J.K Rowling. More than a dozen publishers turned down Harry Potter. And Andre Jute had his novel Reverse Negative rejected by 44 publishers. Yet the 45th loved it, published it and it became an international best-seller. So never give up!

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